Fizz up any drink on the go, while saving money and the planet 

Fizz Wiz is a to-go bottle that magically carbonates any drink in seconds

Cost: Pennies 
Waste: Zero
Effort: Press of a button
Avoid: Micro/nano plastics in your drinks

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Cool, easy, compact

Fizzing up drinks on the go has been impossible. 

Not anymore.

Fizz up on the go

Press the button on the lid to fizz up. Get 3-5 fizz ups per recharge


Place the bottle on the base station and press to recharge the lid in seconds


Exchange the 60L CO2 cylinders at stores or have them delivered 

Don’t let your money literally fizz out anymore 

Save hundreds on sparkling drinks. Simple as that. 

Here’s the math: The cheapest pre-packaged sparkling drinks end up costing anywhere between $.50 to $3 per bottle or can, depending on the brand. 

Fizz Wiz brings it down to about 11-15 cents, paying for itself in about a month, and then saving you hundreds of dollars a year. 

Control your fizz 

From the lightest of bubbles, to the insanely tingly... you're in charge. 

Simply keep the button pressed till desired fizziness is reached. Don't worry - you'll get the feel for it within a few uses, we promise.

Oh, and when the carbonation has reached the maximum possible level, it auto-stops even if you keep the button pressed. 

Carbonate anything 

Unleash the mixologist in you. Fizz Wiz carbonates almost anything*: 

  • Plain water
  • Flavored water - with syrups, cola concentrates, herbs, fruit, etc. added
  • Juices 
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tea & coffee (yes, it's amazing) 
  • Re-carbonate flat drinks

Dare to fizzify. We can't wait to see what you fizz up with your Fizz Wiz. 

*The laws of physics and chemistry still apply. Hot drinks should not be carbonated. 

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Get Fizz Now’s exclusive, limited edition book of sparkling drink recipes inspired by movies and music with your Fizz Wiz.  

Showbiz Fizz will elevate your entertaining, sparking conversations and creating memories. It includes tried-and-test alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes curated from the finest bars around the world. 

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Fizz Wiz is launching soon on Kickstarter. Sign up now for an exclusive discount!

Fizz Wiz helps the environment 

Refillable, reusable, and with a nearly zero-waste carbon-footprint - Fizz Wiz eliminates significant greenhouse gas emissions from the manufacturing, transportation and disposal of pre-packaged carbonated drinks. 

Further, plastic particles in cans and bottles end up in the blood stream and organs causing longbad things you really don't want to happen to you or your loved ones. 

Fits your lifestyle 

Whether you're a busy professional looking to elevate your drink with burst of fizz - at your desk or on the go, a health enthusiast, biker, athlete, gamer, gardener, trucker, park ranger, teacher, student or on a roadtrip  - Fizz Wiz makes life easier, bubblier and more joyful. 

Saves space & effort 

Its compact design liberates you from schlepping heavy loads that take up precious space

Fits anywhere

Bike bottle holders, car cup holders, backpacks, picnic coolers and more


When Fizz Wiz starts shipping (Summer 2024), Fizz Now will rollout FizzX - a mail in zero-waste cylinder exchange service making it easy to get refills. 

Exchanges will also be available locally through c-stores as we open distribution in more cities. 

Standard 60L screw in type CO2 cylinders from any other brand work with Fizz Wiz. 

The high schooler behind Fizz Wiz 

Fizz Now, co-founded by Deven Sharma (CEO), a high schooler in Austin, Texas, and his father, emerged from a shared passion for environmental sustainability. 

Recognizing the immense environmental impact of the $550 billion carbonated drinks industry, spanning deforestation to manufacturing, transportation and waste entering our ecosystems, Fizz Now aims to bring home soda making to the mainstream. 

Fizz Now was originally established in 2021 as a local home soda maker cylinder refill service. Through customer interactions we realized the need for convenience and innovation to make a real impact.  

One day, inspiration struck as we filled cylinders: what if a bottle could be fizzed up with the push of a button? Thus, Fizz Wiz was born. 

Collaborating with engineers and designers, we have developed Fizz Wiz from concept to working prototype, aiming to bring convenience, savings and sustainability to the joy of sparkling drinks. 

With Fizz Wiz, the company plans to expand nationwide, delivering high quality products and service while fostering lifelong relationships with backers and customers.

We look forward to you joining our journey. 

Get an Exclusive Discount

Fizz Wiz is launching soon on Kickstarter. Sign up now for an exclusive discount!